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Moritz Fehr is an artist working in time-based media, his projects include site-specific installations, spatial sound compositions and experimental films.

An abandoned gold- and copper mine, the empty frame of the stolen painting The Concert by Vermeer, the Veterinary Anatomy Theatre in Berlin and a historic large-scale panoramic painting in Bavaria have been, among others, subjects of his work.

His projects engage with constellations of objectivity and emotion, technology, infrastructure, music and the sonic environment. Moritz creates installations that often have an immersive appearance, either using methods of hyper-realistic simulation (spatial sound and stereoscopic 3D images) or employ site-specific strategies of amplification or evocation of existing subjects, structures or spaces with sound.

Projects have been presented at exhibitions, screenings and festivals internationally, for example at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Boston), Barrick Museum of Art (Las Vegas), Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten (Marl), Youkobo Art Space (Tokyo), Humboldt Box (Berlin), The Museum of Jurassic Technology (Los Angeles), Kunstsaele (Berlin), Beyond 3D Festival (Karlsruhe), Grimm Museum (Kassel), After the Butcher Gallery (Berlin), European Media Arts Festival (Osnabrück), Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum (Washington DC), Kunstverein Hildesheim, Goethe Institue (Lagos), Hygiene Museum (Dresden) and others.

Some of his sound pieces are permanently installed and can be visited at the Velaslavasy Panorama (Los Angeles), Jerusalem Panorama (Altoetting) and Continuous Drift (Dublin). Radio works have been broadcasted on WDR3 and Deutschlandradio Kultur Klangkunst.

He also works on collaborative projects, with filmmakers, artists and designers. As a cinematographer, Moritz has shot several independent short films, screend at exhibitions and festivals, for example the IFFR and NYFF Projections.

Occasionally, he holds workshops and seminars on the artistic practice of engaging with sound, focussing on its interaction with film, sculpture and other visual media - most recently at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen, Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz (Film Studies) and the Academy of Fine Arts Munich.

Moritz Fehr was born in 1981 and is based in Berlin. He received a Diploma in Media Art and Design from Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany and studied at Tokyo National University of the Arts in Japan. Also from Bauhaus University, he holds a Ph.D. in Fine Arts and was awarded grants from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), the State of Thuringia and the Bauhaus Research School in Weimar.

CV on request.


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